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Project Survival was an organization led by Arnold "Tech" Kaminsky, their primary belief was that the Earth was going to be annihilated in nuclear war. The project built a fallout shelter in a mountain in the town of Athenville, New York. Fearful of a the destruction of Earth, Project Survival recruited people to live as part of their colony, with the motivation that one day the mountain would be launched into space. Unbeknownst to the rest of the colony, Tech stole nuclear weapons from the Army to be used as the launching mechanism for the mountain. Meanwhile, his fellow colonists attempted to recruit Human Torch and his newly wed wife Alicia Masters because of the unique characteristics each brought to the colony. Johnny found out about the stolen weapons and turned Tech over to the authorities. While some members abandoned the Project Survival after Tech's arrest, others remained committed and wanted to carry on in his absence.[1]

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