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A task force of the CIA created by President Kennedy after the assassination of anti-mutant activist Edwin Partridge
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Project: Wideawake was a covert task force of the CIA. Authorized by President John F. Kennedy in the Spring of 1963, the task force was created in response to the assassination of Dallas-based anti-mutant activist Edwin Partridge. The task force has maintained a shroud of anonymity about their membership and operations since their inception, with the only known information of their activities coming from documents declassified after decades of secrecy.[1]

In July 1963, Project: Wideawake operatives were ambushed by Brotherhood of Mutants members Azazel and Tempest; in the ensuing shoot-out, the operatives killed both mutants.[1]

After the assassination of President Kennedy in November 1963, Project: Wideawake participated in the Warren Commission's investigation into the murder, and helped track down leads suggesting Mutant elements had been involved in the plot. Two weeks before the Warren Commission had even finished their report on Kennedy's assassination, the CIA dispatched Project: Wideawake operatives to find and capture Mutant Erik Lehnsherr, who had been implicated in the assassination conspiracy. While Project: Wideawake searched for Lehnsherr in a rural area of New York, Lehnsherr instead found them, and turned himself over to the task force without incident on February 4, 1964.[1]

Any subsequent activities and the ultimate fate of the Project: Wideawake task force after these events are unknown.

Many decades later, Mystique scrolled over a folder labeled Project: Wideawake on the desktop of William Stryker's computer while looking for a file on Lehnsherr.[2]

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