The Project eScape Interface is a headset modeled after the faceplate of the Iron Man Armor which grants its user access to eScape, a virtual platform created by Stark Unlimited.

Under the influence of the Controller, Stark Unlimited's chief of security Bethany Cabe created a special interface modeled after Machine Man's original face, which acted as a skeleton key and granted its user unlimited access to eScape's systems. She handed it over to Machine Man since he was displeased with the concept of eScape, so that he could enter its systems and damage it, additionally turning him into a scapegoat for the Controller's data theft.[1]

A few months afterwards, eScape exited beta testing and the project went live. The excitement surrounding it resulted in people camping out and making blocks-long queues waiting for stores to restock the device. In online auctions, eScape interfaces went for twelve times the retail price, making them more valuable than gold or platinum.[2]

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