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The Mandarin welcomed Maya Hansen to the Prometheus Gentech, Inc.[1] He established this bio firm and persuaded her to work on the Extremis virus.[2] After escaping from the Creighton University Medical Center, Paragon came here to find his mother, Gretchen, dead.[3] The Mandarin persuaded him that Graviton killed her. Meanwhile he gave Maya Hansen the genetic sequence that predetermines survival of the extremis metamorphosis, and she agreed to work on an aerosol version.[4]

She later gave it to him, although she inserted a programmed death cell into its bio-components, which would make the extremis nanoparticles inert if not immediately contacted by a human host. Unbeknownst to Maya, the Mandarin worked with Edmund to break the code and allow the extremis nanoparticles to be released free in the environment.[5] Pressed by the Mandarin and suspecting something wrong, Maya stole Henry Shearing's badge to enter the secret lab where they were experimenting with the extremis virus on human subjects.[6] The place was then evacuated and collapsed into a black hole by S.H.I.E.L.D. with an experimental Stark Tech EVH bomb.[7]

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