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The Proscenium was a diplomatic conference center located in the unaffiliated space at the Galactic Rim. It was created as a neutral ground following the presumed destruction of Knowhere and the rejection of the conference planet Selandiar as overly Shi'ar aligned.

While still under construction, the Proscenium hosted a meeting between the Galactic Council in light of the formation of the Kree/Skrull alliance.[1] The meeting was infiltrated by the Elder of the Universe called the Profiteer using an image-inducer to pose as a Sisterhood of Badoon ambassador named Lani Ko Ako. She murderer Zn'rx representative Stote to spark a war of succession. As Rocket Raccoon investigated the murder, Chitauri representative Peacebringer triggered a self-detonation process to kill everybody. After Rocket Raccoon figured out Lani Ko Ako was the murderer and exposed her as the Profiteer, the Galactic Council received news of Knull's starfaring bloodthirsty rampage. Realizing that the different empires would have to recover from it otherwise they wouldn't be able to buy weapons from her, the Profiteer teleported herself and Peacebringer away from the station to save the Galactic Council.[2]

Following the sanction of the Guardians of the Galaxy as official protectors of the cosmos, the Proscenium became their base of operations from where Super-Skrull could monitor the status of different threats to the galaxy in operations command duty.[3]


  • The proscenium is the part of a theatre stage which separates the stage from the audience. It can also refer to the metaphorical vertical place that separates the fictional world in the play from the audience, which is comparable to the fourth wall.

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