This species was living happily on their own planet, planning the conquest of Parthea, the planet sister to their Prosilicus.[1] This continued until the day a more advanced species, later known as the Watchers, made contact with them. They wanted to share the secrets of nuclear energy with the less advanced Prosilicans. The Prosilicans accepted the technological progress, but their ethics were not advanced enough to use it wisely: They built nuclear-powered weapons, used them in war and destroyed their own civilization. They later blamed the Watchers for their problems. Aghast, the Watchers swore to never meddle again in the fate of other species, no matter how tempting.[2] The tale of the Prosilicans served them as a fable and was well remembered among the Watchers.[3] The survivors relocated to, ironically, Parthea, with the story of them having to evacuate their planet due to rogue asteroid destroying it.[1]

Alternate Realities

Earth X (Earth-9997)

Prosilicans of Earth X

The past history of the Prosilicans on Earth-9997 mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterpart.

Powers and Abilities


They do not have control over their own ethics and used nuclear weapons against each other[2].


Habitat: Non-existent[1]
Gravity: Non-existent[1]
Atmosphere: Non-existent[1]
Population: 5,000[1]


Type of Government: Non-existent. Formerly dictatorship.[1]
Level of Technology: They had nuclear power, [1]which they had received from the Watchers[2].
Cultural Traits: Submissive. Formerly bellicose.[1]
Representatives: Lokar[1]

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