Prosimia was an evolved ring-tailed lemur created by the High Evolutionary as one of his New Men, animals given humanoid form and intelligence.

He was among the many New Men to stay behind on Earth while his master journeyed into space, and served as the local storyteller and lore-keeper of a small hamlet at the base of the Evolutionary's castle. Wanting nothing more than to see his tales come to life, he tricked Kitty Pryde into one of his creator's devices and transformed her into an actual cat; the very image of his favorite character Lady Shadra.[1]

When the villainous Man-Beast arrived to try and take over the Evolutionary's citadel in his absence, it was Kitty who rose to the challenge clad in Shadra's armor, and led a group of New Men against his own army of brainwashed followers. When the Man-Beast attempted to kill her with an energy blast from a suit of the Evolutionary's own armor, Prosimia dove in the way of the beam and sacrificed himself so she may continue the legend he held so dear.[2]


Prosimia's simian physiology likely gave him a heightened degree of agility, as well as a prehensile tail.

  • His name is likely a reference to prosimians, the group of primates that includes lemurs.

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