Early years

Around six to seven hundred years ago,[4][5] a population of three hundred "Proto-Mutants" (an "early" form of mutants with "less evolved"[1] X-Genes) lived in mountains of Crimea. Due to the Black Plague affecting humans but not those mutants, the latter were targeted by the former, seeking for a cure (such as Ister's sister whose blood was drunk) or simply because of fear and anger, and were eventually all killed.[3]

Modern days




Powers and Abilities


Variable. Seemingly powers shared by their species include:

  • DNA memory-storing.[3]
  • Disease immunity: The Proto-Mutants were able to survive to the plague.[3]


Variable. Mostly ancient dialect of Russian,[3] Some English.

Average Strength level



Variable. Human intolerance and hatred.[3]


Population: 1 (Gabriel Shepherd); Formerly 300 in Crimea[3]


Type of Government: Formerly secluded villages/tribes[3]
Level of Technology: Similar to humans.
Representatives: Gabriel Shepherd


There is some inconsistencies on the story of the Proto-Mutants, regarding their place of life. The black plague mass grave where the DNA was found in Kuryk, Kazakhstan,[6] while Ister stated he lived in Crimea.[3] It remains possible that Ister's and others' DNAs were collected elsewhere...

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