Geldoff was an energy blaster who joined the 50-State Initiative using the codename Proton.[1] He and his Initiative teammates later fought the rampaging MVP clone KIA during a combat training exercise. Following the "death" of KIA, Proton was one of the recruits who presented a deceased Dragon Lord's ashes to his family.[2]

During the Skrull invasion of Earth, Proton was one of the Initiates from Camp Hammond who were ordered to join in the fight against the Skrulls in New York City in helping the Young Avengers. However, their arrival proved ineffective due in part to Criti Noll's machinations, and Proton was personally executed by a Super-Skrull by breaking Proton's neck while he begs for his life.[3]

The death of Proton encouraged Z'Reg, a Skrull who took the identity of Crusader, to fight for Earth.


Geldoff can generate and discharge explosive energy balls. Geldoff himself seems immune to the energy. How this power effects living tissue is unknown, as he has yet to use it on anything organic.

  • Secret Invasion lead writer Brian Michael Bendis commented on the death of Proton by saying that he had asked Dan Slott which character he could kill off, and stated that Slott had built characters for this exact purpose.
  • Geldoff is stated to be a mutant by some readers, his Ultimate counterpart being one. While some believe it can be assumed that he is one himself,[4] there is for now no official statement.

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