Provost is the headteacher of the School of the Seven Bells. When Molly Hayes wakes up to find herself in the sewer wearing a collar. A man named Provost informs her that she has become a member of his school where he makes young runaways with powers thieve for him. Molly resists at first, but Provost threatens to use the collar she is wearing turn her to stone. Provost gives his students an assignment of ten thousand dollars.

Molly rallies her fellow students to rebel against Provost as they go to the Third Bank of America. When they arrive back at the underground, a student named Suzy tells Provost that Molly was planning on fighting him. Molly uses the bags of coins she is carrying to smack Provost until she gets tired. Provost finds that Suzy has stolen the wand he uses to turn the children to stone. She tosses the wand to the other students until Bob and Gordon snap it, turning Provost into stone. Molly offers the students to join the Runaways, but they decide to go back home to their families.

  • Provost appears to be based on Charles Dickens' character Fagin from Oliver Twist.

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