Hobie Brown was a young inventor who worked as a window cleaner to pay the bills. While he was a window washer he was caught in a battle between the Stilt-Man and Spider-Man and was rescued by the latter. He was inspired by Stilt-Man's Suit enough to make his own secret identity.[2]

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After Spider-Man convinced Hobie to impersonate him on a regular basis, he gave him a personalized version of the Spider-Armor MK IV.[3]


The Prowlers Suit is a modified coverall and is armored like a military flak suit which protects him from high explosive weaponry like anti-aircraft artillery, grenades, shotguns, land mines, shell blasts, and rocket fragments. The costume's cape can expand with air giving it a rigid shape allowing him to glide for short distances. Spare Cartridges for gauntlets. Rubber insulated pneumatic boots. The gauntlets have steel claws that facilitate climbing, and they can also be used as effective weapons in close quarters combat. Pneumatic glider cape. Highly compressed air in the Prowler’s boots allow him to leap remarkable distances. The Prowler uses a costume equipped with specially-designed high-tech weapons based on pneumatic technology. Gauntlets that shoot an assortment of projectiles; Sleeping gas pellets, cleaning fluid, steel darts, gas canisters capable of producing a damaging compressed air blast, and magnesium flares. The gauntlets are also tipped with steel claws.

The new version of the suit has all the abilities of the MK IV Spider-Armor. Hobie's suit; however, has the extra abilities to switch to and from Spider-Armor and Prowler Suit by pressing on the center button. The suit is able to shift temperature low enough to not give off a heat signature. It also gives it's user the ability to wall-crawl.[4]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Prowler's Suit from Spider-Man The Animated Series Season 4 11 001.jpg On, Earth-92131, Hobie Brown saved Richard Fisk from another prisoner's attempt on his life in Rooker's. The young Fisk informed his father, The Kingpin, who in turn had Hobie's name cleared. After Hobie's release, Kingpin gave him a "stealth battle-suit" as a token of his gratitude. Hobie dubbed himself "The Prowler", and hoped to use his new abilities to take down Iceberg.Prowler defeated Iceberg, but soon began to experience painful jolts of electricity. The Kingpin informed Prowler that he must return to him to re-charge, and that he now controlled him. If Prowler were to remove the suit, a self-destruct device would activate.[5] Spider-Man: The Animated Series Season 4 11

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