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Hobie Brown
So while I was here, there was a clone of me, living my life... and now he's dead? I don't even know where to start. What was he like?
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Madame Web
He was good.
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Synopsis for 1st story

Prowler and DeWolff help Spider-Man stop the clones from exiting the New U. The Scarlet Spider and Spider-Woman join the fight, but Hobie's body degenerates too much and at some point he has to stop fighting. Electro finds him and tries to kill him, but is stopped by Madame Web. Eventually Prowler sacrifices himself to save Julia from Francine, and when the real Hobie is found Julia tells him about his clone and tells him it was good.

Solicit Synopsis


• For months, the Jackal has been resurrecting superhumans in secret, including THE PROWLER, who’s been operating as his right-hand man!

• But as the Jackal’s carefully-stacked house of cards starts to tumble, some of the super villains he’s brought back to life will try to settle some old scores with Jackal’s favorite deputy…

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