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Prussland was a European nation whose geographical location is as yet unspecified. The country was run by a dictatorship that appears to have been modeled after Nazi Germany and may have been a puppet nation. In 1940 the country was controlled by a dictator, Rudolph Hendler, who was secretly the Deviant Kro (also known as the Roman god Pluto) who sought to incite a conflict in Europe, attacking many neighbouring countries.

Seeing this, Zuras leader of the Eternals dispatched Makkari (under his Roman name, Mercury) to deal with Kro. Active as the hero Mercury, Makkari attempted to attack Kro directly but found him too well guarded. Mercury instead decided to use an alternate method of defeating Kro: disrupting the distribution of weapons to the front lines of his conflict. Without weapons and a means to fight each other, the soldiers on the battle field eventually resolved their differences peacefully, much to Kro's frustration. Kro soon abandoned his dictator role in Prussland.[1]

The fate of the nation is unknown.



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