Cashman is described as a "demon entity" who psychically "feeds" off benign human memories, replacing them with negative ones. He is additionally able to see and alter the memories of others, and has used this ability in the past to create dictators. At some point, he was captured by government officials and incarcerated in a secret location several miles underwater.[1]

When Norman Osborn himself was jailed in the facility after being transferred from the Raft, Cashman was among the inmates who staged a break-out following a prison riot.[2] Making their way to an escape pod, Osborn and the rest of the inmates were able to go free, with Cashman last seen on a beach surrounded by children.[3]


  • Memory Manipulation: Through means that are either psychic or demonic in nature, Cashman is able "feed" off of the memories of others, replacing any specific memory with one of his own design. This power has been shown to affect multiple individuals at once, and can be used for destructive effect, such as convincing two people that they must attack or kill each other.

Cashman has additionally displayed the ability to understand alien language. Whether this is due to some form of telepathy or a variation of his memory manipulation power remains unknown.

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