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In the wake of the White Event, telepathic CIA operative Emmett Proudhawk had a prophetic dream in which he saw a hawk attempting to protect five rabbits from a pack of wolves; the hawk was killed, but the five rabbits merged somehow to become a new, stronger hawk and save themselves. Proudhawk was compiling a list of young people who had been given mental powers by the White Event, and became convinced that these were the rabbits and he the hawk who must protect them. Of the eight names on his list, one-Edward Finelli-was untraceable, and two others-Joan Grant and Thomas Boyd were apparently dead (though unknown to Proudhawk, his duplicitous fellow agent Derek Shiningstar had faked Boyd's death for his own reasons) but he was able to gather the remaining five-Wayne Tucker, Tyrone Jessup, Kathy Ling, Mike Crawley and Anastasia Inyushin together for protection from the American and Russian Governments who wanted to capture them for their owen reasons, only to be killed himself by a Russian agent named Mindwolf. The five kids-Proudhawk's 'Psi-Force'-seemed doomed until Wayne Tucker found himself compelled to take Proudhawk's medallion and have all five place their hands on it; immediately, a creature called the Psi-Hawk appeared and vanquished their pursuers. The five runaways found themselves compelled by the Psi-Hawk (which they believed to be a creation of their collective minds somehow linked to the dead Proudhawk) to stay together from then on, and found a literal sanctuary in Sanctuary house, a hostel run by a woman named Colby shaw who had been a friend of Proudhawk's.

Months later, Michael Crawley left the group when the supposedly dead Thomas Boyd (whom Shiningstar had used to try to hunt them down) came to them looking for sanctuary from Shiningstar, crawley having worked out that Boyd could also join the link to create Psi-Hawk, but that it was dangerous for more than five to do so, and considering himself the most expendable (Crawley would later end up associating with the D.P.7). Soon afterward, Sanctuary House was destroyed by the Russian paranormal named Rodstvow, and the Psi-Force found themselves separated (the compulsion that kept them together having faded after Boyd replaced Crawley) and being pursued by the mysterious group known as the Medusa Web, as well as by the CIA and the KGB (CIA agent Skipper blamed them for the death of Colby Shaw, his ex-wife). Eventually, Stasi Inyushin was killed but was replaced by Lindsey Falmon, a paranormal girl Tucker had found, and the group formed the Psi-Hawk one last time to battle Rodstvow over Washington, the battle resulting in the apparent destruction of Psi-Hawk and the kids being rendered comatose. Tyrone Jessup was acquired by the US Army and drafted once he woke up, while the other four ended up in the hands of the Russians at a top secret facility called the Siberian Project. After some weeks, Psi-Force (with a new recruit, an autistic child named Johnny Do) were able, with the aid of the Medusa Web and the paranormal named Justice, to destroy Rodstvow and leave the Project. The kids became freelance agents of the Medusa Web, and were later joined by an Afghan girl named Sedara Bakut.


According to an interview given by Wayne Tucker to Playboy magazine ten years later, Psi-Force remained together for at least that long and Michael Crawley eventually rejoined the group. This report remains unconfirmed, however.

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