The Psi Centaurian race hales from the planet Psi Centauri, where the intelligent life form evolved from creatures that resemble bats on Earth.[1]

Thousands of years ago a criminal cult formed and the peaceful Psi Centarians decided to exile their criminals once they were captured. They selected the planet Earth as an ideal place to leave their criminals, as at the time intelligent life had not evolved on the planet, thinking that they would die on Earth. However, for reasons that remain unexplained the criminal Psi Centarians managed to survive on Earth and as the human race evolved into the dominant species, they became prey to the criminals. The attacks by the evil Psi Centarians were frequently mistaken for attacks by Vampires.[1]

Eventually a Psi Centarian scout ship passed the Earth in 1954 and realized that their criminals were still active and that they were terrorizing the human race. The peaceful Psi Centarians then returned to Earth and rounded up all the remaining criminals, encountering the Human Torch and Toro in the process.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Apparently the Psi Centarians are long lived, able to live for thousands of years.


Habitat: Earth standard.
Gravity: Earth standard.


Level of Technology: Advanced, they have created shuttles that allow them to travel interstellar distances.

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