The psimitar is a tool to amplify and focus psionic energy, and resembles a medieval halberd. Used by the Askani in the 38th century, it is one weapon Cable was able to use when he was stranded in the future. Years later when he came back older than his parents, he found a Psimitar spear on a Greek Isles to harness the rest of his powers when all telepathic abilities around the world were blocked during his battle with the Dark Sisterhood. A modified version had it only respond to his Psionic imprint refusing other telepathic users. a modern-day equivalent was constructed by Forge for Nathan Dayspring. When he repaired it, Forge created a built-in safeguard that would cause the psimitar to self-destruct before Nathan could reach the point of burning himself out. Keyed to Nathan's psionic imprint, it is usable only by him. He has used it to focus both his telekinesis and his telepathy on various X-Men missions. The psimitar was broken by John Lense, who applied gravitic shear to it.[citation needed]

Made from an unknown metal which can reinforce and focus the abilities of psionic mutants like Cable. They could change shape, extend in length, become energy when thrown reverting back upon repossession and had the effect of disrupting minds and nervous systems on contact. Each lancet was keyed to the specific psi-signature of the user and would only work for its designated handler, while they're main focus was concentrating TK/ESP and could also absorb and discharge excess psychic energy from the user to better vent psychokinetic buildup safely without volatile backlash.[2][3]


  • While the spear was made by the Askani, Blaquesmith. made his own versions for the Dark Sisterhood.


Cable took to using this weapon after a worldwide psionic battle between Psylocke, Jean and the Shadow king rendered next to all mental powers moot.

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