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Official Name
Team Leader(s)
Identity and Affiliations
Harmon Furmintz, CEO of Genetech, selected 5 individuals of specific (normal human) abilities, and enhanced those abilities with Psionic Energy
Base of Operations
Maryland; Formerly Genetech Laboratories
Place of Formation
New York
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Harmon Furmintz was a child prodigy, among the initial pool of men being considered for the Super-Serum project. When he was passed over for the project, and later saw the success of Steve Rogers, Aka Captain America, he decided to devote his life to developing super-powered heroes of his own.

To that end, he brought together 5 people of various "descriptions," and enhanced them with Psionic powers:

As "villains"

Psionex played the part of super-powered bodyguards at Genetech. When the Warriors illegally trespassed on the Genetech grounds, Psionex was responsible for capturing them, and containing them for the authorities. They did NOT, as some might believe, act in any way at all illegally, and therefore the Warriors left them on uneasy terms, but not as sworn enemies.

In fact, Psionex never considered themselves to be villains, nor did they ever make any concerned effort to break the law or harm innocents. Rather, they were a team of very psychopathic powered individuals who broke free of their masters at Genetech, and fought the New Warriors, a team of teen heroes with close ties to the company. When Terrax took over the body of their old boss Furmintz, Mathemanic and Impulse actually stayed and helped the Warriors in their fight against the villain.

As "heroes"

Later, the team broke free of Genetech's control, and while they did hold their former captors hostage, they released them when the Warriors came to their assistance, and went off to lead their civilian lives.

After the first Asylum's form was dissipated by Speedball,[1] her name and mask were taken by Henrique Manuel Gallante, formerly known as Darkling, who had once fought the Warriors and was a drug addict who became mentally disturbed by his mutant ability to access the Darkforce Dimension, claiming that he heard a voice from within the Darkforce. . However, upon his return, he brought together the first Asylum's old teammates as a "hero" team. They became media darlings, cleaning up the streets, fighting the Punisher-type battles which most superheroes are unwilling to be involved in. However, Asylum's plan backfired when he accidentally killed a child carrying a toy gun, which he believed to be real. He was brought in for trial by his teammates Coronary and Impulse, and the last he was seen, he was in jail.

Meanwhile, Night Thrasher and Rage had abandoned the New Warriors, and after being officially kicked off the team, they decided to put Psionex back into action. They had somewhat of a brief success as a super-team which "crossed all lines" when fighting crime, but the two Warriors eventually went back to their own team. The last any member of the team was seen, Pretty Persuasions was performing at strip club.[2]

Psionex finally resolved their differences with the Warriors when the two teams teamed up against Genecide and Eugenix.

Dark Reign

Psionex was later reassembled as part of the Initiative,[3] showing great interest in enrolling,[4] and were appointed as the Initiative team for Maryland,[3] and participated to the H.A.M.M.E.R. assault on Asgard.[5] At that time, he team was composed of Coronary, Pretty Persuasions, Mathemanic, Impulse and of a new[4] Asylum.[3]

Their fate following the fall of the H.A.M.M.E.R. is unknown, but Steve Rogers thought they might perform as effective heroes, as long as they stayed out of Norman Osborn's influence.[4]

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