Gorm, Psionic-Refractor, Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 116

Doom uses Psionic-Refractor against Overmind

When the Overmind threatened Earth and mind-controlled Mr. Fantastic, the remaining Fantastic Four recruited Doctor Doom to help them. Doom then built the hand-held Psionic-Refractor from a prototype started by Richards. Leading the Fantastic Four in battle against the Overmind, Doom used the item to redirect the Overmind's mental bolts against the Overmind himself. As the Overmind increased the force of his bolts, Doom needed the Invisible Girl to protect him with her force field but, when the force field failed, the Overmind's bolts destroyed the components of the refractor, obliterating it. The Overmind was eventually defeated,[1] and a recovered Richards gathered the remains of the refractor.[2]



The hand-held psionic refractor deflects mental force bolts and allow the user to redirect the bolts toward the sender[1] if the user can handle the refractor correctly.[2]


Too powerful mental bolts can destroy the refractor.[1] The refractor can also be destroyed if it is not correctly used.[2] Should that happen, the handler would be damaged,[1] albeit not with the whole intensity of the bolt.[2]

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