Psionics was the child of a mutant mother and the former Herald of Galactus, Lightwave, in her distant future. She and the new Defenders traveled back in time several hundred years to pave the way for their Earth's population inhabiting a younger, more vital Earth. Psionics initially posed as a super-villain bank robber, and started a casual relationship with Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.[2]

Psionics (by Brian Hitch) 2

When the new Defenders initiated their plan, the people of their future were moved to NuEarth, an artificial construct world.[3] Cindy and her teammates became the protectors of that world, known as Fantastic Force.[4]

Time dilation around NuEarth star caused years to pass there where only weeks passed on Earth. NuEarth's civilization devolved into separate feuding kingdoms ruled by the former Defenders. Psionics and Lightwave became brutal in their tactics, and Cindy was ultimately killed by her former ally, Bruce Banner Jr.[5]


  • Flight
  • Telekinesis

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