Psycatos and his brothers Aurwel and Bekkit were members of the Ancients a group of Lemurian telepaths opposed to the mad Lemurian king Naga who had ruled Lemuria for over 500 years. The source of Naga's power was the serpent crown which for centuries kept Naga young. After Naga killed their brother Aurwel, Psycatos and Bekkit snuck into Naga's castle, stole the crown and smuggled it away to Antarctica. They used self hypnosis to keep themselves from falling victim to its dark influence.

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Once in Antarctica Bekkit's wife Jhandark created a potion that made them Caucasian and they established a colony there. They also found a great dynamo that had been left behind by the pre-Cataclysm Atlantis. Bekkit, Jhandark and their children left Psycatos and the rest of the community behind to contact the human race. As time went on Psycatos became old and infirm and succumbed to the influence of the Serpent Crown. When Bekkit returned to the colony many years later he found his brother and everyone else in the colony transformed into serpent men and were the thralls of the ancient god Set. Bekkit cursed Psycatos for betraying everything they believed in before Psycatos slew him. Before Psycatos killed himself he set the dynamo to explode causing the serpent crown to be lost for centuries until it's discovery in the 20th century by Paul Destine.
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