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Psykos was an Eternal of Olympia.[2]

In the Modern Age, Psykos was one of the few Eternals that did not departed to the stars. Along with being active in Olympia, he also operated in Canada, as agent Ronnie Sykes, a negotiator partnered with agent Findlay among an unidentified agency. One mission consisted in a situation in Toronto, where "Harold" had taken hostages in the CN Tower. Agent Sykes went to negotiate with him but as he was unable to reason him, he psionically forced Harold shot his own legs (though Sykes made the hostages see him shot Harold).

Immediately after this event, Psykos and other Eternals were summoned by Ikaris, the Prime Eternal, to Olympia as Phastos had found the trace of an Eternal dispersed into the atmosphere. At that moment, their Deviant ally Ransak arrived, and was briefly fought by Psykos and the others, mistaken for an intruder. Psykos assisted to the return of Virako, brought back by Phastos' Resurrection Chamber.

Intervening at the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge where the Deviant ally Karkas had mutated into gigantic proportions and was on a rampage, controlled by Apocalypse (as part of his plan to raise Deviant Lemuria and Humanity into a war), Psykos attempted to control Karkas but was unable to due to Karkas being already under control. Once Karkas defeated, Apocalypse having fled, the Eternals and Ransak, now exposed to the awareness of their human cousins, posed as a new team of super-heroes called the New Breed, Psykos posing as Psyche. Despite that stratagem, US government agent Mr. Campion was suspicious of them.[1]


Though he seemed very confident about himself, Psykos loosed his temper pretty quickly when facing more serious threats, was somewhat arrogant, and was considered reckless by his brethren.[1]



Psykos presumably has all the traditional abilities of an Eternal of Earth. He has demonstrated flight, and powerful optic blasts.

He had a predilection for psionic abilities. Psykos can probe minds, manipulate the bodies of people against their will, and alter people's perceptions.[1]

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