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Psynapse was once a member of the Inhuman Royal Family, a favored cousin of Princess Crystal, captured and transformed by Apocalypse into one of his original Riders of the Storm.[4]


As a Rider of the Storm, Psynapse participated in their attack on Ship and attempted kidnapping of the infant Nathan Summers. His conflict with X-Factor's psychic Jean Grey caused her dormant telepathic powers to reawaken, but Apocalypse and the Riders were defeated by a joint force of mutants and Inhumans.[5]

Psynapse remained with the team until its hunting of the mutant Mesmero, where an error on Psynapse's part - thought to be caused by early symptoms of the Legacy Virus[6] - caused the team to question his fitness and seemingly kill him according to their ideology.[1] Somehow reappearing as a part of the team once more, Psynapse was among the group under its second organization under the leadership of Stryfe.[7]

He was killed in a confrontation with the mutant known as X-Man when his attack reinvigorated X-Man's mental powers.[7]

The Dark Riders later resurfaced, hunting down and killing mutant healers as they believed their powers to be a violation of the natural order. This led to a battle with Magneto and the X-Men, as Hurricane and his team had targeted Elixir. The Dark Riders were eventually defeated, and Magneto killed the group by detonating explosives on their island.[8]



Telepathic Communication: Psynapse had the power to communicate telepathically by tapping into the psionic energy of the planet.

  • Mental Bursts: He could create bursts of mental energy.
  • Astral Drawing: He could draw others into the astral plane and manipulate their astral form, capable of reducing their minds to childhood and blocking off access to their powers.[9]


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