Ptolemy was a descendant of one the generals[1] of Alexander of Macedon (who were somehow transported 10,000 years earlier into the past, right in the Hyborian Era). Alexander founded a grecian dynasty and the city of Attalus, where he was later known as Iskander, and later left back to his present, leaving some of his followers stranded in Attalus and in the past.[2]

Ptolemy became king of the city.[2]

As Bardylis returned to the city along with Conan, emissary of the friendly city of Harakht who had saved her from Stygians, Ptolemy stated that only he would be deciding if he was really an ally, and that if he lied, he would die.[2] Conan and Bardylis soon appeased him.[1]

After being kidnapped by Ablah, escaping and returning to Bardylis' house, Conan was summoned by Ptolemy, as Ablah was charging Conan of murder. As Conan stated he was wondering if he should deliver the Eye of Set he was supposed to bring to Ptolemy, Ptomely bursted at him, but was defeated after a brutal fight. Ptolemy either dead or senseless, conquered, Conan was by law the new king of Attalus. At that moment, the Stygians invaded the valley, and Attalan guard Aristo reached the city, informing them of the attack before dying.[1]

Obeying the Law of Iskander, the Attalans rallied to Conan and repelled the Stygians.[3]

Ptolemy seemingly has a quick temper,[2] and was stated to be short of patience and scant of courtesy.[1]


Ptolemy was stated to be as powerful as the Stygian Gol-Thir,[2] but Bardylis stated that Conan's strength surpassed his own.[1]

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