Quote1 Just because I carry a hungersword, the Vladaam family has put all of this in motion. For a birthday present, no less. Cute. Quote2
-- Sheva Callister

Appearing in "City by the Spire"

Featured Characters:

  • Sheva Callister

Supporting Characters:

  • Daersidian Ringshire
  • Brusselt Airmol
  • The Iron Mage, (First appearance)


  • Lilith
  • Narros
  • Kevris Killraven, (First appearance)
  • Gattra Vladaam, (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Werewolf guards of House Vladaam


  • Ptolus
    • Necropolis
    • Sewers of Ptolus
      • Crypt of Narros


  • Hungersword
  • Books of Whispering Souls, (First appearance)

Synopsis for "City by the Spire"

This issue begins in the Necropolis where the enigmatic Lilith (introduced in issue 1) is shown conversing with one of her demons about the Hound who entered into Ptolus (during issue 2). She begins to wonder if Killraven is the Hounds prey. Back in the Crypt of Narros beneath Ptolus, Sheva, Brusselt and Daersidian are meeting Narros face-to-face. Despite Brusselts honest plea that they are just passing through, Narros turns his necomatic ways on them and summons four skeleton snakes. Narros tries to use spells against Daersidian, the elf battlemage, but he is able to counter his spells, much to Narros' suprise. Before he could try any further actions, Sheva cleaves one of the skeleton snakes onto him. Brusselt is hurt bad in the impact and Daersidian uses a spell to take them both to the surface while Sheva continues on.

Not soon after, Sheva meets the Iron Mage, the most powerful mage in the world. The Iron Mage is in the sewers tracking the Hound and knows nothing of the apparent meeting between Gattara Vladaam and Kevris Killraven. The Iron Mage suggest that the book Kevris may have could be the Book of Whispering Souls. He leaves before the conversation can go further and Sheva continues on to her destination. Making her way through the cellar, she infiltrates Killraven's meeting place and overhears her and Gattara talking about obtaining Sheva's hungersword. Sheva goes through the place and ultimately finds the Book. However, as she tries to leave, The Iron Mage shows up and demands she hand the book over in the final scene.


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