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When the X-Men were brought to Battleworld by the Beyonder to participate in the Secret Wars their teammate Kitty Pryde's pet dragon Lockheed were taken along with them. Early on in the war, Lockheed went missing and during his time away he met another similar dragon-like creature and returned to the X-Men with her following him the war's end. When the X-Men were about to teleport home, the dragon -- they nicknamed Puff -- would try to go with them disrupting their teleportation back to Earth.[1]

Most of the X-Men and the dragon were teleported to Japan, and by some twist of fate, Puff increased in size. Seeking to mate with Lockheed (unaware that he had changed in stature) she attacked Japan, seeking materials to build a nest. The combined efforts of the X-Men, Sunfire, and the Japanese military proved unable to stop the creature. After much destruction and loss of lives, Puff was defeated by Lockheed himself. The little dragon would reject her love and the heartbroken Puff committed suicide, causing herself to explode in a massive energy burst.[2]

Puff returned to life through unknown means and aided Lockheed and Kitty in Japan against the Silver Samurai.[3]

Lockheed and Puff eventually become a couple and had children together.[4]



Puff can fly using her wings and breath fire. Puff is also able to rapidly grow in size and strength.


Puff is named after Puff the Magic Dragon.

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