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Pulsar was a member of Fanatix, a mutant terrorist group from the same future that Bishop hails from. With his group he attacked a fundraising gala held by Jerome J. Knox, a human dedicated to improving human-mutant relations, he was about to be killed by the Omega Squad of the X.S.E. being saved by his partner from Team Shadowbox .[1]

Pulsar reappeared with the Fanatix and their leader Rook when they attacked the Statue of Liberty rebuilding event where they assassinated the Mayor of New York City, a terrorist action the Fanatix carried out in order to frame members of the Omega Squad for the XSE.[2]

He was convinced of the superiority of mutants over humans, for which he supported all of Rook's plans who sought to discredit the Omega Squad of the X.S.E. accusing them of terrorist actions so that humans against mutants would start a new war; however, influenced by Randall, Pulsar he betrayed Rook who killed him with a shot to the head.[3]



Pulsar has the mutant power to generate bioelectrical rays.[1]

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