Quote1 Then came Punch, our medic, from a planet of sentient dirt, if you can believe it. And if you can't, just know that there's no wound he can't heal. Quote2
-- Earo src

Punch is an alien whose species is entirely composed of sentient dirt. He was recruited into the Space Knights when Mahia and J'k helped his homeworld repel an alien invasion and now serves as the team medic.[1]

The three of them teamed up with Rocket Raccoon to rescue another Space Knight, Earo, along with Drax the Destroyer, from Durgh on Hool.[2]

J'k and Punch were on their way to rescue Earo and Mahia from Caber and the Duynans when Wink first joined the team, hurling the Tuatha de Danaan off a cliff on Duyna.[1]

Punch was later present when the Space Knights encountered Iqa, Hilla, Pik, and Tarna on Wenb.[3]


Punch is a medic of exceptional skill. Earo claimed that there is no wound which he cannot heal.[1]

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