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Punisher's Battle Van

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War Wagon
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Height: 184" Weight (unloaded, including fuel): 6,800 lbs (3,084 kg)


Throughout his war against crime, the Punisher has used many Battle Vans as his main means of transportation. The first of these was designed by the Mechanic. Later models were built by Microchip. The Battle Vans were used in many different missions. These Vans also carried many weapons to aid in the Punisher's war on crime.[citation needed]


On-Board Equipment:

  • Constant adjust air-assist suspension.
  • Electronically governed variable transmission, braking and steering.
  • One layer of peel-off body color and license plate.
  • Extra high-efficiency air conditioning system.
  • Computer with capabilities such as intruder detection and suppression, USA road and city maps, audio listening device and sonar ranging of outside objects.

On-Board Weaponry:

  • Electric 4 barrel mini-gun with 20,000 rounds of .223 caliber ammo.
  • 40 mm grenade luncher with a 110 shell ammo box.
  • 4 compressed air driven machine guns, each one with 400 rounds of .25 caliber rubber bullets.
  • Bi-modal delivery system in stream of gas, tear gas, and white fog.
  • Robotic arm located in the back, with a reach of approximately 11 feet.

Alternate Realities


Punisher's Battle Van from What The--?! Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Pulverizer's armored van. Slower than Wksfrstsk's distributing vehicles,[1] it eventually sank in a swamp in either Colombia or Costa Lottamola.[2]


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