Quote1 Interesting-- that gunman must be wearing Kevlar armor-- thin, flexible, yet it protects him from an onslaught of bullets! Quote2
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Original Suit

Initially, Castle wore a full-body suit of kevlar with a white skull splashed across the front.[1]

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Body Armor

Over the years, he traded it for Kevlar vests and body armor with the same symbol, often using a leather jacket or trench coat over them.[2]

Alternate Reality Versions


Frank Castle, Jr. (Earth-58732) from The Punisher (2004 film) 001

Castle started to wear a T-shirt with a white skull symbol, the last gift his son Will gave him before being killed. He also sprayed the same symbol over the body armor he wore while killing criminals.[3]


Frank Castle (Earth-199999) 001

Castle found a heavy body armor inside the arsenal retrieved from Ray Schoonover. When he returned to his house, he sprayed a white skull symbol over it.[4] Castle later destroyed the suit, after he seemingly had killed off all the parties involved in his family's murder.[5]

Using another bulletproof vest he stole from the Greek mob,[6] Castle decided to adopt the white skull symbol once again. Micro called it a "Memento Mori". Castle intended for it to strike fear into Billy Russo and his infiltration team when they infiltrated his safehouse, but Billy wasn't there.[7] Castle wore the suit once more in his duel with Billy at the Central Park Carousel.[8]

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