Quote1.png I thought I could kill four men and it would end. It never ends. A lot more men have to die before I can make this right. A part of me knows it will never be right. I just have nowhere to go. And there's nothing else for it. Nothing else but to stick to the trail I've cut for myself. To ride where the law doesn't reach. And to punish all trespassers. Quote2.png
-- Frank

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  • He had come home from war to work the farm with his wife, and to raise the kids in the peace he had fought for. When desperados torch his farm, butcher his wife and children, and shove him out into the scorching desert sun to perish slowly, this man refuses to die. Instead, he crawls back to his now silent homestead, buries his family, unearths his war chest, and then sets out on a ruthless quest across still-untamed America, a manhunt that will last years. A vigilante has been born. Heralded writer Chuck Dixon and legendary illustrator John Buscema bring you a tale - set in the twilight of the Old West - of the vigilante, the man... A man named Frank.

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