Quote1.png Why all of this--for what? Revenge for your old man? Was it worth making me kill you?! Quote2.png
-- Punisher (Frank Castle)

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  • Motorcycle

Synopsis for 1st story

After the apparent revelation last issue, the Punisher cannot get over the fact Maria had been alive following her resurrection by the Hood and seemingly being burnt alive to torture him. The Punisher decides to take down more gangs seeking information of Jigsaw's whereabouts.

Jigsaw and Stuart, meanwhile, are their plans to manipulating the Punisher. Later, The Punisher locates Jigsaw's hideout and kills Jigsaw's men, but the Punisher is confused when Henry confronts him, saying he knows the plans and shocks the Punisher with a taser. Jigsaw is proud his son Henry has subdued the Punisher.

Solicit Synopsis

The pieces of the Jigsaw Brother’s plan are coming together like a psychotic puzzle. On the streets, Frank Castle is going mad, tortured by the revelation that the only person he ever loved is hunting him. He sets out to kill the men he believes responsible, all former assistants: Microchip, Stuart Clarke… and Henry Russo. Fortuitously Jigsaw has gathered them all together in order to illustrate to Henry, his son, one terrifying and unarguable fact: Frank butchers everyone who gets close to him. Will Henry turn on Frank before he becomes the next casualty of The Punisher’s endless war?


  • This story is reprinted Punisher In the Blood and Punisher Rick Remender Omnibus.

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