Quote1 You killed Bridge. Sold my wife to Jigsaw. Quote2
-- Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "In the Blood, Part Four"

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Synopsis for "In the Blood, Part Four"

In his pride, Jigsaw shows his son Henry the monitor renderings where Punisher is held captive. Jigsaw allows Henry to kill Microchip by slashing his throat. Jigsaw got inference by Stuart about his inheritance fund. Henry realizes his father is manipulating the Punisher, has a change of heart, and helps him escape. The Punisher confronts his wife,Maria, but is unwilling to kill her when she has already died before. Maria attempts to burn him with a flamethrower, but the Punisher receives a call from Henry revealing that Maria is actually a female assassin posing as Maria. The Punisher kills the imposter. Henry is caught by Stuart, who cuts his arms with razor blades, but Jigsaw stabs Stuart, who tells him, he is wrong. Jigsaw promptly shoots Stuart, then attempts to kills his own son.

Solicit Synopsis

Who is the gorgeous, leather-clad, burn victim romantically entangled with both the Jigsaw Brothers? The answer will twist the knife buried deep in the belly of Frank Castle. The answer will shred his soul. The Punisher has fought his way though a hurricane of broken glass, nothing has broken him. He fought on. But no longer. Not after today. Not after the final revenge of The Jigsaw Brothers. The Punisher will never recover from this.


  • This story is reprinted Punisher In the Blood and Punisher Rick Remender Omnibus.

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