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Quote1.png A good place to end things. Just don't say another word. Let him remember you like this. Quote2.png
Punisher (Frank Castle)

Appearing in "In the Blood, Part Five"

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Synopsis for "In the Blood, Part Five"

Unaware of what's going on, Jigsaw attacks his son in pain, until he stops upon seeing his young Henry. Jigsaw apologizes for what he did, but Henry has already discovered the truth and kicks him away. With the warehouse on fire following the fight, Henry escapes to the roof where he is met by the Punisher and Jigsaw. The Punisher and Jigsaw begin a brutal hand to hand fight during which Henry finally tells his father he wants a normal life. Jigsaw is able to render the Punisher unconscious but the roof gives way. Henry reaches for his father and grabs his arm trying to save him. Jigsaw smiles and lets go of Henry's arm, taking his own life. Henry is about to fall in afterwards but is saved by the now conscious Punisher. The Punisher forces Henry to leave and not search for his father. Weeks later Henry and his mother are seen relaxing and beginning their new life free from Jigsaw.

Solicit Synopsis

No more cat and mouse, no more games, no more Machiavellian manipulations, this is it, face to face, the unavoidable brutal showdown: The Punisher versus The Jigsaw Brothers! They’ve twisted the knife that The Hood left buried in Frank’s gut. They’ve dismantled his only friendship. They’ve killed innocent people in their pursuit of revenge. Now, they’re locked in a room with The Punisher, and they’re about to get everything they worked so hard for. Then some. This is it, the shocking conclusion to writer Rick Remender’s (Uncanny X-Force) Punisher saga, brutally illustrated by superstar Roland Boschi (Ghost Rider).


  • This story is reprinted Punisher In the Blood and Punisher Rick Remender Omnibus.

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