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Quote1.png You are stupid, all of you. Comparing your pathetic stories. If you were not so blind you would see exactly what this is. No one would go to such lengths as this man has, not even for the worst atrocity. I have done things in my time that make you look like saints, and I am no worse than many he has killed without a second's thought. This is something personal. It is vendetta. Quote2.png
-- Francesco Drago

Appearing in "The Cell"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • George Apostolo's Wife (Mentioned)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (Mentioned)
  • Russian Mob (Mentioned)
  • New York City Police Department (Mentioned)
  • United States Department of the Treasury (Mentioned)
  • Irish Republican Army (Mentioned)
  • Armani (Mentioned)
  • God (Invoked)
  • Squeaky Pete's Wife (Mentioned)
  • Governor of New York (Mentioned)
  • Adolf Hitler (Mentioned)
  • Jesus Christ (Invoked)
  • Enzo Gaucci's Victims (Only in flashback) (Corpse)
  • Prostitute (Only in flashback) (Corpse)
  • George Apostolo's Mother (Mentioned)
  • Frank Castle, Jr. (Only in flashback)
  • Lisa Castle (Only in flashback)
  • Maria Castle (Only in flashback)
  • Judas Iscariot (Mentioned)

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "The Cell"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • From the darkest bowels of Riker's prison, the old men preside over their empire. Nothing goes down without their say-so; no one draws a breath without their permission. And when a riot explodes, they need only fortify their defenses and ride it out. But someone else is weaving his way through the bloodstained halls, their newest neighbor: Frank Castle.


  • Although the time in which The Cell takes place is never stated, hints provided in The Cell and In The Beginning[2] may help provide a rough timeframe of when it could've occured.
    • In The Cell, Castle mentions that Francesco Drago "fled the country in eighty-two" and was arrested ten years later. Therefore The Cell has to take place after 1992.
    • In his narration at the start of "In the Beginning," Castle says that "The Old Man from the park is long since dead; so are his soldiers, so's the shooter."[3] Since "In the Beginning" takes place in 2004 (based on how the day after Castle killed Massimo Cesare, Cesare's tombstone lists his date of death as that year)[4], The Cell has to take place before 2004.

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