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Synopsis for "River Of Blood, part 6: Children Of The Gun"

After escaping the Canadian military, Frank and Dragunov go after Vikady and Taz, while Micro and Josip try to find the bomb. After Frank and Dragunov find Vikady, Dragunov is shot by an enemy sniper. Meanwhile, Micro and Josip encounter the Canadians again. As Frank decides to make a run for Vikady, the game changes when the sniper is killed by an unknown sniper. Meanwhile, Micro and Josip finds the bomb, and reveals that Vikady is planning on blowing it up via remote. Frank confronts Vikady, but Dragunov runs in and tackles Taz, breaking his back. Frank attempts to get Vikady to drop the remote, but Vikady tells him he'll blow everything up if Frank kills him. Luckily the unknown sniper shoots Vikady's hand, and he drops the remote. Dragunov has bled out by then, and the sniper is revealed to be Mitar.


  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback River of Blood.

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