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I don't know if you killed those people or not. I really don't. You've always given cops a pass before, but as you are a nutjob, you may have changed your mind. Heck, one of them may have looked at you funny or called you moo-moo bunny-lips. Whatever, your murderous run is over. You are over, Frank. You're done.
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I'm done when I'm dead, kid.
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Synopsis for 1st story

Spider-Man sees a discarded Daily Bugle newspaper detailing the Punisher's assault on the Exchange and the blame placed on him for the deaths of many innocent people and cops. The article mentions the Punisher using one of Spider-Man's web-shooters to get into the building.

Frank, hiding in Hoboken, New Jersey, sees Spider-Man in the side mirror of his van parked inside a parking garage. Mad that he used one of his inventions to kill, Spider-Man webs his hand to the van and punches him. Spider-Man intends to bring him in but Frank doesn't plan on that happening and fights back. Naturally, Spider-Man's strength, speed, and resistance to his punches are too much for him to handle and he is taken down quickly. Spider-Man knows that he can't lock him up in Rykers since it would be putting the Punisher in a building filled with criminals, so he comes up with something different. But before he can tell him, Frank tosses a grenade at him, giving him the chance to escape with one of Spider-Man's web-shooters.

Later on, Spider-Man calls Thor, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Wolverine, and Black Widow together at Avengers Tower to discuss the Punisher. However, no one is interested in the idea of bringing him in. Spider-Man tries to convince them that he is a mass murderer and the cops have been ineffective in stopping his crusade. The group still isn't convinced until Steve speaks up, saying that letting him run free is like condoning what he does. Steve then sends Black Widow to hunt him down and asks Tony to come up with some way to contain the Punisher since prison isn't an option. With the meeting adjorned, Steve asks Wolverine if he has a problem with with their plan. Logan, a killer himself, tells Steve he thinks some people deserve to die.

At an abandoned farm, Frank goes down a hidden passageway into an underground armory. Wolverine, claiming to be a friend, comes to visit him and asks him if he really killed those cops. Frank tells him he didn't, so Logan warns him that the Avengers are coming for him, and when they catch him, they are going to lock him up alone. Afterwards, when Frank and Logan leave, the barn is burnt to the ground to wipe away all traces that they were there.


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