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Quote1 They're called Punishers, apparently. No relation to Frank Castle-- except they're about as violent-- and as hard to kill. Quote2
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The Punishers are robots in the employ of Galactus, long ancient alien technology begotten from one lost world or another that was stored upon the worldship vessel Taa II.[1] One was used to defend Galactus' world devouring machine from the Fantastic Four who sought to destroy it.[2] Later, Galactus also sent a Punisher to Earth to locate the exiled Silver Surfer, but the Punisher failed because of the Fantastic Four's interference and Galactus called it back; then Galactus used other means to reach his goal.[3]

The first Punisher was later found and used by the Rigellians.[4]



Punisher (Robot) from What If..


Punisher (Robot) from What If..


Punisher (Robot) from Last Planet Standing Vol 1 5 001


Punisher (Robot) from Mythos Fantastic Four Vol 1 1 0001

The Punisher robot was shown to be one of the many future adversaries of the newly formed Fantastic Four. [5]


Punisher (Robot) from 100th Anniversary Special - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 1 0001

The Punishers were robotic enforcers of Silver Galactus who were sent to him against the Guardians of the Galaxy.[6]


Punisher (Robot) from Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol 1 26 001
Galactus unleashed the Punisher on the Avengers so it would stop them from destroying his ship. However he was quickly defeated by the Hulk.[7]


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The Punishers are incredibly robust fabrications of unknown origin.[2] Supposedly comprised less of simple xenomineral alloys, the automatons are in fact made out of living metal of unknown origin.[4][1] It's physical abilities are such that it can easily contend with the likes of Iron Man, The Fantastic Four and even the Silver Surfer in a contest of strength, durability as well as speed. They're capacity to manipulate energy also affords a punisher to create remote forcefields with which to trap and trail items of interest alongside them while on the move.[3] Punishers are an adaptive sort with the capacity to analyze and determine the best means of overcoming any adversarial opposition they're faced with.[citation needed] Whilst having the capacity of self propelled flight, they also boast onboard teleportation and have self-destruct capability in the event that they need to cover their own tracks or make hasty retreats.[8] They also sport the mechanical equivalent of a Healing Factor, able to self-repair at incredible rates in order to replenish lost or destroyed mechanical apparatuses.[9][10] As an added effect, their regenerative capabilities enable the Punisher Robot to rapidly multiply via it's select individual components regrowing itself into whole new living machine. This easily enables a single damaged World Eater enforcement drone to generate a sizable army that can overrun planets.[11]


In Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #109, the Punisher speaks in a supposed alien language that are translated in a footnote. The "alien language" is a transliteration of the English words to Greek alphabet (not even real Greek; just English written with Greek letters).

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