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Bobby Boorstein drags the bullet-riddled-but-still-breathing body of Anthony Marrano back to his apartment and puts him in his bathtub after Frank shoots off his genitals and leaves him to die. Boorstein saves his life, but only to interrogate him about why Frank wanted him dead. Marrano gives him the location that he told the Punisher a mob meeting would occur and Boorstein dissects him and places the pieces into jars. He fantasizes about getting the woman he met at his DMV job into the tub but chickens out when he realizes that she is healthy and could likely put up a struggle. He gets into his car and drives to the location that Frank is going to attack the mobsters, hoping that Frank will leave one of them alive so that he can practice working up the nerve to butcher the girl. He hides in a dumpster until Frank arrives and begins killing the goons. He realizes that Frank may not leave any of them alive for him, so he confronts the Punisher. At first, Frank takes him for a lunatic and tells him to go to a hospital, but then Boorstein lets slip a bit about his plans for the girl and Franks decides that he can help him after all. Frank blows his head off.

Solicit Synopsis

When Bobby Boorstein drags the bullet-riddled-but-still-breathing body of a mobster back to his apartment, he finds himself poised at the verge of greatness. Mommy always taught Bobby it's the little things in life that count -- like the tiny, ugly things he keeps stored in the mason jars on his shelf – but now he finally understands the true meaning of what she said. Bobby’s got plenty of empty jars to fill and he’s finally ready to do it. But first, he’s going to need a little thing from Frank Castle – whether he likes it or not.

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