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Black Widow

Appearing in "War on the Streets: part five"

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Synopsis for "War on the Streets: part five"

Punisher's allies -- Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Night Thrasher, and Black Widow -- capture the surrendering members of the Thunderbolts, Moonstone and Radioactive Man. Punisher tries to kill them, but is stopped. Then Punisher and Ghost Rider travel a few blocks south to pick up a motorcycle on their way to save Rachel Cole from Baron Zemo. They attack Hydra agents, and Fisk locks down his building. Zemo is angry with Fisk, when Punisher breaks in and attempts to shoot Zemo. Rachel tells Frank to shoot through her, which he does, then Zemo stabs Punisher, followed by Punisher hitting Zemo with a fire extinguisher and many more attacks. Punisher gets Zemo on the floor and rips of his mask, but Zemo is saved by Ghost. Zemo argues with Ghost and Punisher runs him trough with Zemo's sword when he materializes. Punisher then cuts Zemo's hand off, but Zemo escapes into the elevator. Rachel is revealed to be alive. Zemo meets Fisk on the roof, who tells him the sad truth of his life and how pitiful he is, before Ghost seemingly kills him. Ghost then slips away as the Punisher arrives looking for Zemo. Fisk reveals to Frank it is over, and that Zemo is dead. Nick Fury and his allies arrive. Punisher attempts to kill Nick, and Luke Cage shields him. Black Widow then orders him to stand down, her Widow's Bite causing Frank to off the top of Fisk Tower. The Winter Soldier announces that no one could survive that fall, and that the Punisher was dead. Nick and Natasha then talk over the death of the Punisher, and Nick still believes he is alive, but Black Widow doesn't.

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• New York City is under siege as the new Thunderbolts, Black Widow’s squad, mayor Fisk’s personal V.I.G.I.L. soldiers, and everyone in between get caught in the crossfire, but it all comes down to two men.

• Punisher.

• Zemo.

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