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Synopsis for "Back to the War"

The Punisher assaults the Kingpin's tower to kill the man, but he finds a dead, Polynesian decoy of him there instead. This was a trap to kill The Punisher, as everyone knows he recently escaped from prison. He leaps out the window and manages to reach the ground alive but in serious condition.

Injured, he is collected from the floor by a mysterious woman.

The Punisher awakes in her room and she tells him her name is Angela and is there to give him everything he needs. They make love.

The Kingpin wants everyone to think he is dead. This causes a street war as every major and minor crime boss vies to eliminate the competition and become the new kingpin. The Punisher makes a phone call to Ben Urich to tell him he murdered the Kingpin. He then calls Alaric, his contact in the Trust, to supply him with some extra weaponry so he can capitalize on finding all the crime bosses.

After that, the Punisher leaves and is followed by Tony Massera. Having told the press that the Kingpin is dead, he starts the war among the gangsters that he wanted in the first place. Several bosses die, but the war gets out of control and innocent people pay the price with their lives.

The Punisher decides that he needs help and calls Alaric again. He cannot know it, but Angela works for Alaric.

Solicit Synopsis

Is the Kingpin dead? The Punisher claims he is...because he killed him! For the underworld, this means war— not against the Punisher, but each other to settle the question of who will be the next crimelord!


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