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Synopsis for "Slaughterday"

In the middle of the gang war launched by the Trust, the boss Carlos Santiago is shot at by agents of the Trust and is rescued by the Punisher, who saves Santiago's life to make a deal with him: Santiago stays alive and convinces the capo Charlie Siciliano to set up a peace conference among gang bosses.

In the meantime, the Punisher stays at Angela's house. She tries to convince him to trust Alaric, the visible boss of the Trust, but he is still hesitating. Then, he sees Tony Massera peering at them from a car parked in the street and comes down to talk with him. In fact, the Punisher is trying to keep Massera from falling down into crime, but Tony is not convinced yet.

The Punisher makes a visit to Ejszaka, one of the main rival bosses, and makes him attend the peace conference. Then, he goes to the Cafe San Juan, where Santiago lives, but a criminal agent disguised as him kills Santiago after being shot himself by the Punisher. Before dying, Santiago tells the name of the boss who set up all the killing: Marcus Coriander.

So, the Punisher goes to Park Avenue South, where Coriander lives. He knows Coriander is the man who ordered the death of all the other mob bosses, using criminals disguised as the Punisher to do the killing. The Punisher gets to Coriander, but he escapes and kills a little girl. In the end, in an alley, the Punisher catches Coriander, who is shot to death by Angela, who also shoots the Punisher.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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