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Synopsis for "Final Solution, Part 1"

Punisher intimidates information about various mobsters' whereabouts from other mobsters.One reveals that all the pretend Punishers running around were meant to be a death squad. Another one pulls a gun but kills himself after giving up information. Punisher has almost zero reaction. Punisher hears someone coming up the hallway. Its the cops. They arrest him but are nailed with a mob hit while driving in the car. The driver is shot dead. The Death Squad tries to shoot down the other cop and Punisher. Punisher talks the cop into uncuffing him so he can help fight. Punisher guns down the Death Squad and takes off. The Punisher goes to another gangters house and kills even more Death Squad members who are guarding it. The mobster takes off in a helicopter. Punisher grabs hold of it as it ascends. He does something to it that causes it to explode once he's on the ground again, "like your van". Punisher goes into the house looking for more targets and falls through a trap door and is gassed. Punisher passes out.

Solicit Synopsis

The Punisher has severed his ties with the Trust, his former allies. Now the mobs and the Trust are after him! Faced with this situation, there's only one alternative for the Punisher— attack!


  • Although the cover says "#4 in a four issue limited series", this is not actually the last comic book in this series.

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