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  • Alaric's jeep

Synopsis for "Final Solution, Part 2"

At the end of issue #4, Punisher was trapped in a brain washing room. In this issue, he promptly escapes. The Death Squad fight Punisher, led by Jigsaw who is also dressed as Punisher. Punisher easily wipes out a few of them and the rest run. Alaric ambushes Punisher and beats him down with a rifle. Alaric leaves Punisher for dead and runs off to escape, but Punisher lived and now ambushes him. Punisher could have killed him, but lets him live on the condition he rats out the organized crime group called, "The Trust". On his way out he runs into another crime guy. Punisher had killed his father and his family convinced him to go after Punisher to avenge his father's death. Punisher talks him out of it and the crime guy can't pull the trigger. Punisher leaves and starts walking home when, yet another, criminal meets him. This time it's Alaric's girlfriend. Now she wants to kill him, too. She tries to run him over as he walks across a bridge. Punisher begins firing a gun at her and her car crashes into the bridge's side and begins teetering, half on the bridge and half off. Punisher walks off with Alaric's dog in tow.

Solicit Synopsis

Conclusion to the Punisher's war with both the Mob and The Trust.

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