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  • Air Force Apache Helicopter (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Bolivia"

The Punisher's personal war against the cocaine czars forces him to secretly leave the States and strike at the source— Bolivia!

In a jet over the Pacific, Frank Castle is being flown over by Curtis Hoyle to meet Buktir Van Tranh, the General of the Rockhouse Operation, in Peru. During their trip, Frank asks Curtis why his name was on the war memorial in Washington, D.C., which the latter responds that he disappeared for a while and was presumed dead. Their jet flies past one that is piloted by the Peruvian Air Force, however, they turn a blind eye to them as they have an agreement. Next, they land on an airfield where Tranh's men are waiting. The men take Curtis and Frank to Tranh's residence. Upon meeting Tranh, Frank expresses that he believed that the General had been assassinated in 1973, which he responds that he faked his death in order to escape the Vietnam War. Frank comes to the General in an attempt to replace his distributor, who he had previously killed. However, the General is reluctant to recruit Castle, as he believes that he could be a C.I.A. spy. Frank responds that if the General killed him, he still will not have a distributor for his drugs. Next, Frank follows Tranh to the veranda, where he shows him Señor Valencia, a D.E.A. agent who is tied up and being tortured by Fernando, one of his men. Tranh says that in order for Frank to join him, he will have to take Fernando's gun and kill Valencia. Frank takes Fernando's gun and shoots him instead, then he cuts Valencia free. Tranh runs off while Curtis goes outside and briefly fights Castle before running back inside of the residence and alerting the guards. Frank guns down Tranh's men while attempting to escape with Valencia. When they reach the airfield, Frank learns that the helicopter he rode arriving in the country is gone. Next, they plant explosives in a nearby lab, causing an explosion and attracting some guards. Additionally, Frank also attracts an Apache helicopter, which is piloted by Curtis. Frank grabs onto the helicopter, gets inside, and fights Curtis, pushing him out of the helicopter and taking it for himself. Next, Frank opens fire on the hangar and on the General's jet. Suddenly, a flare is launched at the helicopter, causing Frank to jump out. Then, Frank returns to the veranda where he finds the General holding a gun to Valencia's head. Frank rushes into the residence gunning down Tranh's men. Suddenly, one of the men throws a grenade at Frank, only to be kicked away by him. Next, he guns down more men and finds General Tranh on the rooftop, who holds him at gunpoint. When the General gets closer to Frank, the latter disarms the former and guns him down. After killing Tranh, he finds two million dollars in his safe and destroys his house. Six days later, in Washington D.C., Frank goes to the war memorial, where he finds Curtis Hoyle's name.

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