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Synopsis for "The Devil Came from Kansas!"

In July of 1987, after his mission to Bolivia, Frank moved west to Marion, Missouri under the alias, Arnold Groetsch. Frank was attempting to purchase a house from Mr. Blandings, when he saw three men outside of a bank attempting to rob it. The Punisher stormed out of Blandings' office, put on his vest and took out a gun from his van, and told a nearby woman to call the police. When the police arrived, Bladings got in the way of a firefight between them and the bank robbers. Before Blandings could be gunned down, Frank tackled him, saving his life. However, the criminals escaped in their car, prompting Frank to pursue them in his van. As Frank chased the criminals down the road, he was also followed by the police, who told him to pull over. Frank claimed that he was "Special Agent Peterson of the F.B.I.." Suddenly, a red pickup truck pulled over next to the police car and one of its passengers threw a grenade into it, causing it to explode. Next, the truck drives closer to Frank's van and its passengers attempt to shoot it. However, they were unable to shoot Frank as his van windows were bulletproof. In response, Frank drove into the truck, ramming them off of a rail. After a while, Frank stopped his van and exited to kill a man known as the Colonel. Frank attacked one of the Colonel's men and learned that he was Colonel Joseph Fryer, a retired United States Army officer and that they were all members of the New American Revolution, a militant organization that robbed the bank earlier, which was owned by Jews, and claimed that unless "white Christians stand together", America will collapse. Next, the Punisher abandoned his van, blowing it up, and setting up camp six hundred miles away. Four hours later, Frank arrived in Sherrill, Kansas to look for Fryer in a hotel. Later, he visited Fryer's office and informed him that he intended to purchase a commercial property from him. Fryer drove Frank in his car to one of his properties as he expressed his disdain for Jews and people of color. As soon as the two exited the car, Frank pointed his gun at Fryer and confronted him about the robbery in Marion, Missouri. Fryer ordered Frank to lower his gun when two militants appeared and pointed their guns at him. Frank lowered his gun and one of the militants grabbed him, only to be attacked. Fryer and the other militant fled. Suddenly, Fryer aimed fire at Frank, unable to hit him. Next, the militant threw a grenade at him, which he evaded and rushed under a construction vehicle for cover. Then, Frank pulled out his knife to siphon gasoline and put it inside of a cup. Next, Frank dumped out a trail of the gasoline and lit it on fire with a lighter, burning Fryer alive, killing him.

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The Punisher tries to build a new, peaceful, life for himself in the Midwest— and fails!

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