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Quote1.png Doesn't take a doctor of theology to know they are not doing the Lord's work. Quote2.png
Punisher (Frank Castle)

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Synopsis for "The Rev"

The Punisher confronts the malevolent leader of a dedicated (not to mention well-armed) cult! Can even the Punisher thwart the plans of "The Rev"?

In New Jersey, in July of 1987, the Punisher was attempting to buy a new battle van from Microchip, as his last one had been destroyed. Microchip introduced Frank to his son, Junior, who told him that he was going to school at Cal Tech.

Later, Frank attempted to purchase weapons from a man named Martin, who told him that the Church of the Saved wanted to buy many weapons from him. Suddenly, a gunman shot at the two, killing Martin, but missing Frank, who got up and out of the car and shot the gunman. On the gunman's corpse, he found a flyer with a picture of Revered Samuel Smith of the Church of the Saved. Frank returned to Lieberman and asked him about the Church of the Saved, which he responded that he knew a former policeman whose wife left him for the Church of the Saved. Frank learned from Lieberman, who cited the New York Times, that Reverend Sammy Smith came from Terre Haute, Indiana and was famous for faith healings and blending revolutionary socialist ideas with religious themes, and that he was blatantly, in fact, an atheist. Lieberman told Frank to talk to the former policeman who he had mentioned earlier, Ray White.

Later, Frank found Ray White at a place called the Pig's Poke. When Frank attempted to introduce himself to White, the latter suspected that the Church could have sent the former to him. However, Frank attempted to persuade White to help him against the Church. Frank sat down and told White about how his family was killed during a gang war between criminals. Afterwards, White agreed to help Frank.

Later, Frank entered the headquarters of the Church of the Saved, where Byron Gresham, Reverend Smith's right-hand man, approached him. As Gresham was distracted, White emerged, pointing a shotgun at him. Frank pretended not to know White and threw him out of the building. After throwing out White, Gresham offered to let Frank meet Reverend Smith. Later, when Frank returned to Microchip and his son, he said that he needed an alias for when the Church investigates him and he chose the alias of former United States Army member Joe Rainey from Detroit, which was the name of a soldier who was blown away next to him on June 28, 1967. Sometime later, Frank returned to the church with weapons concealed in his clothing, and asked the members if he could see the reverend. When Frank entered the church, he encountered the reverend and introduced himself to him as Joe Rainey, a former soldier who was disillusioned upon his return from the Vietnam War. Reverend Smith informed him that a man was attempting to expose the Church in a tape and that they had to steal the tape from him in order to prevent that from happening. Later, a church member named Keena drove Smith and "Joe" to the house of the person who was attempting to expose them. Frank and Smith went upstairs to the man's residence and picked the door lock open to be welcomed by gunfire as they entered. Frank shot the man inside, fatally wounding him, only to be shot back and wounded as well. Smith carried Frank out of the building as the resident died. Joe brought Frank back to the church, where he told him that he intended to "heal" him. Some time later, Frank woke up to see Vickie White and the reverend, who had "healed him" by pulling the bullet from his body. Smith announced to Frank that he intended to leave America for Guyana with the Church. Next, Frank got up and went to the house of the man he killed for the Church and picked up his tape. Upon watching the tape, he saw footage of the reverend executing a man named Homer for snitching on them to the police.

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