Quote1 The potential for humiliation, you see. You may have noticed we speak frequently of humiliation... you could say we are obsessed with it. It's the driving force behind most Middle Eastern policies... to humiliate our enemies and avenge past humiliations... Quote2
-- Colonel Razir

Appearing in "The Brattle Gun, Part One"

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  • AK-47
  • Sikosky Fly-By
  • SP-70 Self-Propelled Howitzer
  • Spectra Shield Body Armor


Synopsis for "The Brattle Gun, Part One"

Frank Castle approaches Morris Brattle on the street and exchanges identities with Brattle, which serves to reveal an assassin sent to kill Brattle. Castle tricks the mercenary by feigning death near the apartment doorstep and kills him. Brattle believes the man was sent by the Zukistan government since he has been helping to build a weapon for their enemy, Trafia.

The Punisher brings Brattle back to Microchip. Brattle alleviates Microchip's initial concerns about the weapon by stating the gun may self-destruct the next time it is fired due to a crack in the muzzle and was heading to Trafia to correct the problem. Instead, Microchip offers Brattle one million dollars to sabotage the weapon and the Punisher goes with Brattle on his trip to the Middle East.

Castle travels disguised as an injured Trafia military veteran as Brattle is met by Colonel Razir at the airport while Zukistan's forces mass at the border. At the gun site, Razir shoots a male Zukistan spy, who had refused to talk under torture. After visiting with another suspected spy, this one a woman, Razir and Brattle begin their inspection of the gun.

Meanwhile at a bazaar, the Punisher, still in disguise, tries to purchase a AK-47 but the merchant tips off the police to his movements. The Punisher is cornered in an alley and when his rifle jams, he takes on seven men with a knife and a wrench before he is eventually overwhelmed.

In Zukistan, Microchip has arrived under the identity of Mr. Lieberman and is bargaining with the Zukistani leadership to help destroy the gun Brattle has built for Trafia. Microchip encourages them to launch an attack as a diversion and in exchange, he will deliver Brattle to them.

While continuing their inspection of the gun, Brattle and Colonel Razir notice a fly-over by a reconnaissance device and immediately report the situation to President Jekohadeem. Jekohadeem proceeds to shoot Razir in front of Brattle for allowing the breakdown in security. The president and Brattle arrive on the scene as a prisoner is being tortured but refuses to talk. Colonel Hawk notices the prisoner is Frank Castle and recommends that he be killed. As Zukistan's forces prepare to launch their attack, Castle is tied to the Brattle Gun as it is about to be fired at them.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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