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Synopsis for "The Finger"

The Punisher has a rocket launcher and fires it at drug pushers in front of a meth lab. Only one pusher survives the destruction and under coercion, tells the Punisher that the materials were supplied to them by a man named Ishmael DeLeon, who works for Howard Nees. Then, the Punisher leaves Moke behind before the lab can explode more, driving away in his van. Meanwhile, at the Fisk Building, George Wong arrives and informs Kingpin of Howard Nees' drug distribution operations in the area. In order to handle their problem, Wong suggests detaining Microchip in order to persuade the Punisher to kill Nees.

At Microchip's and the Punisher's hideout, the latter asks the former to search for Howard Nees, who has been shooting up the Kingpin's pushers, resulting in some innocent people getting caught in the crossfire. However, Microchip claims that he has been working on Nees for two weeks non-stop and that he needs a break and that he enters in the 47th Annual Toy Fair in which he made a remote control tank. At the fair, Microchip also plays a video game called "Tank Fight" until he is found by Fisk's men and dragged away by them. The men take Microchip to Kingpin. Then Kingpin orders his men to cut of some of Microchip's fingers and seal it in a package. Meanwhile, Castle is training when he got a phone call, informing him of a package. The Punisher returns to Microchip's room and opens the package and finds Microchip's fingers and a note that tells him to go to Fisk Tower at 9:00 P.M.

Meanwhile, at Fisk Tower, several gunmen wait at the entrance for the Punisher, who rams his van into the building, over the gunmen, dodging bullets and some rockets before turning back, making Fisk's men chase the van, which Castle set on auto before jumping out. Then, Castle goes back to Fisk Tower, up the elevator, to confront Kingpin. Kingpin threatens to mail more pieces of Lieberman to Castle if he does not join him in taking down Nees, giving him one week to do so.


  • Microchip refers to a "little misunderstanding three years ago" which lost the Kingpin $19 million. This was in Punisher Vol 2 #15-18.

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