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Synopsis for "Garbage"

In a warehouse that Frank Castle borrowed in Jersey City, he wakes up from his sleep. Quickly, Frank gets out of bed, gets dressed, takes his gun, and goes to the door. Next, Frank goes to visit Microchip and his son, who look into Unisym CEO Harold Magary's plans to control waste management in the state and his ties to the Mecozzi Family. Microchip Jr. reveals Magary's waste collection station in North Patterson.

Later that night, Frank goes outside of the Unisym facility in North Patterson. He climbs the wall and upon entry, neutralizes two guard dogs with his blowpipe. Frank sneaks into the building past several guards until Magary spots him, causing him to throw his knife into Magary's throat, causing Magary to accidentally fire his gun, attracting attention of his colleague Hassan Ibn Mohamet, who is gunned down moments later. Next, Frank goes to a telephone that rings and answers it; on the other end is Manny Herrera, who informs him that their associate Yasir wants to make a pickup that night.

Next, Frank returns to Microchip's residence where he learns about the pickup locations. Later, Frank goes to a landfill in South Jersey where he spots Yasir between two men. After they enter the nearby building, Frank sneaks inside. Yasir is about to buy plutonium from Herrera, when the Punisher suddenly pops up and starts to open fire on Yasir and Herrera's men, starting a firefight. Frank takes cover in a room full off guns and grenades and take a submachine gun and some frag grenades, using them to kill several of the gunmen present. Meanwhile, Yasir orders Herrera to bring Frank in alive, as he suspects that the vigilante may actually be Mossad. In order to lure the gunmen outside, Frank fires a rocket at Yasir's car. Suddenly, three more gunmen appear and are subsequently gunned down. Next, Frank throws grenades at more men before shooting his way outside of the building. Next, the gunmen go out to search for Castle. One gunman comes into Castle's sight and is ambushed and forced to reveal that Yasir and his men plan to build a bomb in the U.S. next week and that it was Harry's idea to sell them plutonium. Suddenly, the other gunmen attempt to shoot Frank, who uses the gunman next to him as a shield. Frank goes back inside of the building, picks up the missile launcher, goes outside, and aims at the building, only to have his attention drawn to the Rosetti Family.

Solicit Synopsis

The Punisher is caught in the midst of nuclear waste, atomic terrorism, and international intrigue in "Garbage!"

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